Associated Content writer Laura Cone says that Syfo Wild Cherry Sparkling Water can bring a sparkle to your taste buds while you improve your health and lose weight. She points out that since Syfo products have no sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffiene, sodium or preservatives, they are a great alternative to soda. According to research, so-called zero calorie sodas that use artificial sweeteners can actually make you hungrier, so they in reality do not help you lose weight.You can read Laura’s entire article here. Thanks for the kind words Laura.

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WebMD on scents that soothe stress. Click on the link below to view an article in WebMD that offers a natural way to lower stress levels.

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There’s a great article from June 2009 issue of Nutritional Outlook titled “Chewing Almonds May Boost Satiety,” sourced from B. Cassady et al., “Mastication of Almonds: Effects of Lipid Bioaccessibility, Appetite, and Hormone Response,” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol.89, no. 4 (May 2009): pp 794-800.It seems that chewing almonds suppresses hunger and elevates the feeling of fullness. Now that’s a delicious and enjoyable way to stay on your diet, accompanied by a tall glass of Syfo Wild Cherry Naturally-Flavored Sparkling Water!

Chewing almonds may increase the body’s absorption of unsaturated fat and suppress hunger for longer periods of time, conclude findings from Purdue University researchers.

In the study, researchers found that chewing almonds 40 times before swallowing led to the body’s absorption of significantly more unsaturated fat than those who chewed the almonds only 10 or 25 times before swallowing. The findings were presented last month at the 17th European Congress of Obesity in Amsterdam. These findings also emphasize the importance of examining chewing in the context of a weight management plan because participants reported that their hunger was suppressed and their fullness was enhanced as a result of increased chewing of the almonds,” said study author, Richard Mattes, PhD, RD

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Eat Blueberries for Healthy Blood Pressure

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat blueberries at least once a week have a 10-percent lower risk of developing hypertension than people who don’t eat them.

The key ingredient to lowering high blood pressure is the flavonoid anthocyanin. Other dietary items that include flavonoids include tea, orange juice, apples, red wine and strawberries. In the study, blueberries were the richest contributor of anthocyanin.

So in addition to an apple a day, eating blueberries once a week can go a long way to maintaining good health.

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A.H.A. Statement Recommends Sugar Intake Guidelines

The American Heart Association recommends that women should consume no more than 100 calories of added sugars per day. Most men should consume no more than 150 calories each day. That equates to about six teaspoons of sugar for women and nine for men.

With no added sweeteners, Syfo Original Seltzer and Naturally-Flavored Sparkling Waters are a great way to manage your sugar intake.

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