Tips for Low Calorie Cocktails
December 10, 2012
WebMD has great tips for low calorie cocktails:In place of club soda (which contains sodium) or tonic water (which contains quinine, sugar or artificial sweeteners), mix your cocktail with sodium and sugar free Syfo Original Seltzer. Our Syfo Original and all our Naturally Flavored Sparkling Waters make terrific “mocktails” (non-alcoholic, zero-calorie beverages).

We’re betting our SyfoNatics will use their imagination and creativity to create the perfect, “pureiffic” drink. Whether it be a “shot of your favorite” with orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade or limeade, we have you covered. Just add a combination of our Naturally Flavored Sparkling Waters and you have the most refreshing, delicious cocktail or mocktail.

Here’s what WebMD has to say about low-calorie cocktails.

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