How Pure are Syfo Beverages?

What Does TDS Mean?
Purity of water is measured by the TDS (total dissolved solids) count. The number tells us how many impurities, measured in parts-per-million, are in the water.

Our purification process takes out ALL the impurities. Our 100% Purified Water has a TDS (total dissolved solids) count of less than 10 parts-per-million.

  • Water originating from the Upper Floridan aquifer within the Ocklawaha watershed is pumped into our production facility.
  • We run that water through a carbon filter and a double micron filter. This filtration system removes the chlorine from the water.
  • The next step is reverse osmosis to eliminate metals, chemicals, bacteria, toxins and other solids.
  • The water then passes through a deionization system. This is the final filtering step, which removes the ions of inorganic compounds such as iron, sodium and carbonates.
  • The last purification process is to ozonate the water. This step kills any organic material such as bacteria and viruses.

The water’s purity now measures between 6-10 parts-per-million total dissolved solids, forming the foundation of some of the purest beverages in the world. The water has achieved a state of purity that allows it to be bottled as Syfo’s 100% Purified Drinking Water. For the ultimate refreshment, carbonation and natural flavors are added to produce Syfo’s Seltzers and Naturally-Flavored Sparkling Waters.

In an age where there is an increasing awareness of the health impact of what we eat and drink, Syfo Original Seltzer and Naturally-Flavored Sparkling Waters are pure, healthy beverages and are refreshing alternatives to sodas and soft drinks and appeal to beverage lovers everywhere.

For more information on purified drinking water, you can access a National Drinking Water Database compiled by the non-profit, public advocacy group — Environmental Work Group. Go to

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