July 8, 2016

Sparkling water has always had its loyal following over the years. Beginning with seltzer back in the day, people have turned to sparkling water for a healthier alternative to soda and other soft drinks. Syfo fans in particular have loved the delicious natural flavors, the 100% purified water and fact that there are no additives. But recently, the sales of sparkling water have seen explosive growth. One of the reasons? Millennials have caught on to the enjoyment and health benefits of sparkling water.

According to the most recent statistics, sparkling water sales have leapt from $65 million in 2010 to $226 million in 2015. It is now the number one flavored water in the U.S. A large part of this growth is from a broad group of consumers that have turned to sparkling water as the negative health effects of sugary soft drinks have gained notoriety. Marketresearch.com reports that consumption of soft drinks, diet or sugared, has slipped by double digit percentages. The site also notes that people who have shifted to sparkling water are more likely to look for organic foods or buy foods that are locally-sourced and without artificial additives.

When it comes to Millennials, marketresearch.com points out that European consumers have long seen their preference for sparkling water as a status symbol. Now in the U.S., Millennials and GenXers have begun to drink premium and sparkling water as a health and lifestyle statement.

At 77 million strong, Millennials will be a dynamic market for sparkling water in the years ahead. And Business Insider points out that blogs and social media have played a large role in getting the word out for sparkling water, as Millennials are less likely to see or be influenced by traditional advertising, but are more swayed by the recommendations of their peers.

If you’re a grocer, now’s the time to jump on the sparkling water trend if you haven’t already. Click here for more information on carrying Syfo Naturally Flavored Sparkling Waters in your store.

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June 2, 2016

Have you heard the latest news? Our newest flavor, Peach-Pear, was recently featured in Beverage Industry Magazine in its “New Products” section. Peach-Pear is delicious, refreshing and smooth combining notes of Peach and a hint of Pear. Sparkling with effervescence our new Peach-Pear flavor will make your taste buds tango. Perfect for the summer days ahead!

As with our Original Seltzer and all of our Naturally-Flavored Sparkling Waters, Peach-Pear is made with the highest quality purified water and PG (propylene glycol) free flavors. There is no sodium, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives of any kind. If it’s not on the shelf at your local Grocer, ask them to add Peach-Pear to their lineup of Syfo flavors. Or ask your Grocer if they can order some for you as a special item. The item code is #214766. Call us at 888-426-7936 if you need help ordering Peach-Pear.

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May 10, 2016

Worried about sugar in soft drinks? That’s understandable given the health concerns of obesity, Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and tooth decay. The growing awareness of these negative health effects pushed soda manufacturers into promoting their drinks with artificial sweeteners, but many of those have been shown to have health risks too. Now many brands, including PepsiCo, have turned to the sweetener sucralose as an alternative, but a recent study indicates this substance may carry risks as well.

The study published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health shows a possible link between sucralose and cancer. In this study that was led by Italian researcher Morando Soffritti, mice were given four different doses or no dose of sucralose in their feed from prenatal life to death. Consumption of sucralose was associated with an increased rate of malignant tumors in the male mice. The researchers concluded that the relationship between sucralose dose levels and cancerous tumors in male mice was significant. Also, results among female mice showed an increased rate of benign tumors in the stomach, ovaries and uterus.

The authors of the study called for more research to be completed in order to further assess the safety of sucralose as an additive for foods and beverages. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), an independent non-profit consumer advocacy group that promotes safe nutritional policies, changed their rating of sucralose from “caution” to “avoid” in response to Soffritti’s study.

Given all these risks of sugar and artificial sweeteners, it makes more sense than ever to make the safe healthy choice. Syfo Naturally Flavored Sparkling Waters are delicious and refreshing, and contain no additives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or sodium. Check back with us often for more health news and delicious beverage recipes.

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May 3, 2016

Everyone at Syfo Beverages would like to pay tribute to mothers everywhere this Mother’s Day. In this day and age, when it’s so difficult to make healthy diet and beverages choices, mothers do such a great job in providing for and nurturing their families. And Syfo is glad to be there to help.

Mothers are becoming increasingly concerned about the negative health effects that sugary sodas have on their children and Syfo can be a great alternative. Just mix any Syfo flavor with a juice and you have a winner that’s sure to please the entire family. Or if you’re trying to finally rid your refrigerator of soft drinks by weaning your family off of sugary drinks, try a mix of half soda and half Syfo. Less sugar means better health.

Even if you’re not a mother, we salute all women who nurture nieces, nephews, parents, pets and boyfriends. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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March 3, 2016

Grocers and retailers everywhere are finding sparkling water very good for business. Sales of sparkling water have doubled over the last five years to $1.5 billion, far outpacing the sales of plain bottled or flavored water and so-called functional waters such as Glaceau Vitaminwater.

And experts expect this trend to continue, predicting sparkling water sales to double again in the next five years. Concurrent with this trend is the continued decline in the sales of soft drinks over the last 10 years and it’s easy to see why.

Sparkling water has captured some of the past demand for soft drinks as discerning consumers continue to steer away from high-calorie sugary drinks and diet sodas for health reasons. The negative health effects of sugar — including obesity and diabetes — are well known, and now awareness has been growing about the health impact of the artificial sweeteners used in many diet soft drinks.

Aspartame has been linked to possible causes of headaches, type 2 diabetes, increased belly fat, and other digestive issues. Sucralose or Splenda another artificial sweetener commonly used is coming under increased scrutiny for a possible link to cancer.

So it’s little wonder why more and more people are turning to sparkling water like Syfo for a healthy and refreshing beverage. Our sparkling waters are naturally-flavored and contain no sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodium or any other additives. Made with 100% purified water and flavored with PG-free natural fruit extracts, Syfo sparkling waters are perfect for the growing market of people who are active and health-conscious.

If you’re a grocer, visit our Grocers page to learn how Syfo can be healthy for your business.

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