Are Natural Flavors All Natural?
July 5, 2017

People often assume that natural flavors contain only natural ingredients. But that might not always be the case.

What can be called natural flavors is defined by law, and essentially the FDA says that any flavor extracted from a natural source, such as a fruit, spice, vegetable or seafood, can be called natural. In other words, the flavor wasn’t cooked up synthetically in a laboratory. However, that doesn’t mean that flavors called natural can’t also contain some unnatural additives.

Take the case of Hint Water, which was recently the target of a class action suit that charged they were deceptive in how they represented their product as “all-natural”. The company’s flavors are natural as defined by the FDA, but they also use propylene glycol (PG) — a synthetic substance used in cosmetics and food. And while synthetic solvents such as propylene glycol are not allowed in the production of organic certified products, they are permitted in “natural flavors.” The reasoning is that they are incidental additives present in food at an insignificant level. Although PG is FDA-approved, there is concern in some quarters about the potential negative health effects of the substance.

With Syfo there is no confusion. All of our natural flavors are propylene glycol free. We opt for vegetable based glycerin and/or ethyl alcohol (derived from grain) instead. There are no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors used in the manufacturing of our flavors. That makes Syfo the clear choice.

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