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Carrying Syfo Beverages is a great way to keep your customers happy, and we appreciate what grocers have done to help make Syfo so popular throughout the Southeast.

If you’re already a Syfo grocer, check here often for the latest news, product introductions and offers. Looking to bolster the Syfo product line on our your shelves? Visit our products section for more details and for ordering specifications.

Carrying Syfo is good for business

There are plenty of good reasons to carry Syfo Beverages: a quality product, robust demand, a loyal customer base and exceptional service from a first-class, customer-oriented organization. You can learn more about the Syfo Brand and products by viewing this informative presentation.

Want to compare how Syfo sales stack up against other beverages? Read this important information on how to interpret scan data. You can also view this chart to see how Syfo compares to other beverages that claim to be healthy.

Our commitment doesn’t end with delivery

Our mission is to deliver customer satisfaction and to help you get our products into the hands of your customers. To that end, we have retail merchandising representatives in every market that can help you with displays, marketing programs and promotional materials. And don’t forget to use this site as a resource to drive Syfo sales in your store.

gladsonIf you’re a retail subscriber to Gladson you can find Syfo products’ descriptions and photos on Gladson’s Delivery Network (GDN). Gladson is a third party content aggegator and a source for CPG items and item package information. Products can be found by searching under the manufacturer and/or brand name and also by UPC.




Tangerine-Orange and Wild Cherry are now approved and available for the shelves at Publix.

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