About Syfo Beverages

More than seltzer: natural, healthy and pure

At Syfo® Beverages, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality, purest and most refreshing carbonated beverages at an affordable price. Our seltzers and naturally-flavored sparkling waters are made from 100% purified water and contain no sodium, sugar, artificial flavors, sweeteners, additives or preservatives. With a variety of four popular flavors, and more on the way, Syfo beverages are a healthy alternative to soda pop and are sure to please any taste (discover some delicious recipes here). We’re distributed throughout the Southeast at Publix Super Markets and Winn-Dixie, south Florida, and various independent grocery stores and specialty markets. If you’re a retailer and would like to carry Syfo Beverages in your store, contact us here.


Universal Beverages, Inc. is a full-service beverage company that has distribution networks in some of the largest grocery chains in the Southeast. Located in Lake County, Florida, our production facility utilizes a specially designed water purification system. Universal manufactures and delivers its proprietary Syfo Brand of beverages and also does contract packaging for other companies and brands. We have built our strength of reputation on our Syfo Brand of beverages, which includes Original Seltzer and Naturally-Flavored Sparkling Waters.

Syfo Plant in Lake County, Florida


We care about protecting the environment and keeping the communities we serve healthy and clean. Our company’s committed to using products and packaging for our seltzers and sparkling waters that are 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing process is designed to be environmentally friendly, clean and sustainable.


The entire Syfo product line is certified Kosher by the largest and most widely respected Kashruth agency — the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Syfo beverages also have the special designation of being Kosher for Passover. For information on Kosher and our Kosher certification, please visit our Kosher section.

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